Areas of Application

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Areas of Application

Room Acoustics, Loudspeakers / HiFi, Sporting Equipment

The following improvements can be achieved by applying Ignatius technology:

harmonization of the oscillation and thereby
• ideal beginning and ending of the cycles
• great oscillation stability
• high degree of resonance effectiveness
• ideal dissolution of sound
• high transparency of tone and speech

Advantages of the Ignatius Technology

• Exceptional transparency and accuracy of tone,
• Best possible communication amongst the musicians
• Increased enjoyment of the music for the listener.
• The Ignatius technology provides you with a completely new hearing experience.

The many positive evaluations of the hearing experience are confirmed by acoustic measurements.


Room Acoustics – Music

The Ignatius® Solution:

It takes surprisingly little to change an old hall into one with good acoustics. We use Ignatius resonance panels at the rear of the stage.

Georg Ignatius has developed and patented a system with which modular panel elements can be tuned to create ideal resonators. This tuning is accomplished through a mathematically calculated complex system of amplifying beams. Our standard panel resonators are constructed according to the Ignatius-inside-technology where the tuning system is inside the panel.

In the Ignatius tuning, a decisive role is played by the principle of “harmonic division” which is extremely important for the sound. As with stringed instruments, the acoustic abilities are based on the quality of the resonance surfaces used.

The sounds produced by the musicians are received by the acoustic wall and redistributed into the room. The Ignatius method of Resonance Spectral Tuning prevents the appearance of resonance distortions.

The acoustic effectiveness is increased
• Tonal transparency, beauty and naturalness of sound are improved
• the characteristic of the sound remains highly


Room Acoustics – Speech

Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Therapy Rooms

Good acoustic properties are exceptionally important – not only for music. The positive effects of a good acoustic atmosphere on ones general physical well-being is known and can be felt daily.
Verbal communication is difficult in an overly acoustic room. The conversational atmosphere tends to become tense and aggressive. Anechoic rooms on the other hand do enable a good understanding of speech. However, they have a weak, dynamically poor volume level. This creates a mood of fear and coldness.

Standard acoustic methods thus represent an uneasy balance between dampening direct reverberations (to promote transparency) and directly reflecting them (for a nicer sound).

The Ignatius method of resonance spectral tuning solves this problem with the help of a special, patented tuning procedure which linearizes and optimizes the resonance properties of the panel elements.

A completely new experience