Ignatius-Resonators will have a full effect, when they are positioned very near to the sound source. For concert performances we therefore principally suggest an installation in the immediate area of the stage. An incomparably good sound distribution for the musicians as well as for the audience will be obtained if the Ignatius-Resonators are evenly distributed on the floor of the stage, above the stage and also behind and beside the musicians. This ambition led us when we developed our product range. For the vertical elements we offer wooden plates, which can be formally mounted as wall covering or can be used as mobile standing elements.

The sound radiation above the stage etc. we capture with the help of transparent spectral-tuned resonance membranes, which are fitted with a metal frame around the edge (Freiburg Concert House). Highly efficient are the walk able resonators, which we offer as singular pedestals or can be joined together to a complete stage or to a complete orchestra floor.

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