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glass-clear polycarbonate membrane

This product is designed as a hanging element which is mounted horizontally over the stage. It consists of a 4mm (0.16”) thick glass-clear polycarbonate membrane which – resonance spectrally tuned through special screen printing – is fastened into a round, steel frame. On large stages with a high ceiling, they offer an ideal completion to the Ignatius standing and wall elements.

Technical Data: Circular Resonators
Size: Diameter 1400 mm (4’7”)
Weight: approx. 7 kg (15 lbs. 7 oz.)
Description: Glass-clear polycarbonate 4mm (0.16”) thick, printed with Ignatius resonance pattern and with a protective layer, embedded in steel frame, incl. Ignatius mounts.
Price: Ask us for a quote! plus VAT, as well as post and packaging. Other sizes and forms also available. Just ask us!

*Optional extras on request and by appointment