Great Hall, Spa Centre, Oberstdorf

///Great Hall, Spa Centre, Oberstdorf

Great Hall, Spa Centre, Oberstdorf

Great Hall, Spa Centre, Oberstdorf2018-07-28T01:33:10+02:00

The problem

The acoustic in the hall prevents the sound from carrying well so that it is not possible to play concerts without some amplification.
This situation is very problematic, especially for concerts of classical music. Professor Peter Buck, artistic director of the “Oberstdorfer Musiksommer”which has taken place since 1993 described the situation as an imposition for musicians and
audience alike.

The Solution

The contractual implementation of acoustic measures consisted in that the ceiling panels were planked over the stage with Ignatius -Plattenresonatoren.
In addition, eight are 2,5m wide and 3,2m high mobile Ignatius -Standresonatoren behind the performers, as well as laterally fanned erected as needed

Tests with Ignatius-Resonators

The situation has considerably improved

Conclusion of the acoustic office:

“The acoustic tests carried out during the “Oberstdorfer Musiksommer” … have shown that with the help of mobile acoustical elements (Ignatius-Resonators) … a significant improvement to the room acoustics (sound supply, sound image, acoustical transparency) on the stage and also in the concert hall and on the gallery can be obtained”. Jürgen Troué, expert’s report “Büro für Bauphysik & Akustik”
Jürgen Troué, Büro für Bauphysik & Akustik/Gutachten

My judgement of the Ignatius-Resonators is definite. I can only constitute that the acoustic of the hall is now clearly better.
Rosa Fuchs, expertise, room acoustics

With the help of the acoustic elements, the musicians could hear each other much better in the sense of monitoring.
Christian Heckmair, Harmonic Sound, Event Technology

The vertical mobile elements were convincing. Also the floor elements had a very good effect on the sound emission. With these measures, the dynamic shades of piano and forte were much clearer.
StR. Thomas Müller

In not electronically reinforced, the dynamic variety of chamber music, the voice of a speaker of singer melts away even after only a few meters… The artistic, expressive intention does suffer for the reason that for the musicians, it is nearly impossible to hear each other.
Expertise room acoustics from Secondary school teacher Thomas Müller