Jazz Club, Basel

Jazz Club, Basel

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Example: wallpapering a vault area with Georg Ignatius acoustic fleece

The bird’s-eye jazz club in Basel was founded in 1994 and has been one of the most prestigious venues for jazz in Europe. The concerts take place in a cellar with vaulted ceilings, very rich with atmosphere, which had been heavily damped because of the acoustic problems typical for such spaces, but this adversely affected the acoustic ambience factor. Covering the entire curved wall surface with optically neutral Georg Ignatius acoustic fleece decisively improved the room’s acoustical situation for both musicians and audiences.

»By lining our vaulted ceiling in the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club with Georg Ignatius foil, a massive acoustic improvement was achieved … These measures caused the venue to become much more alive, more harmonious and more balanced. In general, the mood at the club became much more enjoyable.«

Stephan Kurmann, Artistic Director: The Bird’s Eye Jazz Club