Opernhaus Zürich – Concert shell

///Opernhaus Zürich – Concert shell

Opernhaus Zürich – Concert shell

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Georg Ignatius-Concert shell in the Zurich Opera House


In acoustic respects, an opera house is designed for anything but concerts. Since the orchestra has to play on the stage, one needs a specially designed “Concert shell” for concerts at the Opera House.

The Project

The great success of the spectrally-tuned soundboard in the orchestra pit convinced also the Opera House in Zurich to entrust Georg Ignatius with the acoustic design of the concert shell over the stage. In the implementation, all wall, side and ceiling elements were planked with Georg Ignatius soundboards. For concert performances, the stage floor is also equipped with exact-fitting, fast and easy deployable Georg Ignatius floorboards. This project also illustrated how well the Georg Ignatius resonance technology goes together with fancy stage set-conceptions. For example, 15 000 light-reflective polycarbonate disks were inserted into the surface at irregular intervals, giving the visual appearance an evocative appeal.

Such a comprehensive solution was a first for Georg Ignatius as well. They surpassed all expectations acoustically and were enthusiastically received.


On December 13, 2014 I had the pleasure as conductor of the Philharmonic concert at the Zurich Opera House, of experiencing the new Sound Shell built by the Georg Ignatius company.

Even before that day, musicians had told me about the special qualities of this concert space where the Zurich Philharmonic had been playing its concerts since the beginning of this season. The excellent acoustic conditions, especially the warm, transparent and harmonically rich sound, are highly praised by the participants as well as the audience.

I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment.

Cornelius Meister, Chief Conductor and Artistic Director, ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vienna

Letter from Cornelius Meister PDF

»By combining Christian Schmidt’s noble design and the ingenious acoustics, the Opera House now has a very coherent framework for our concerts, which places the orchestra and nothing else at the center. One could almost say the entire stage becomes an instrument!«

Andreas Homoki, director of the Zurich Opera, in an interview with Fabio Dietsche for MAG

»With great concern I accepted the invitation to give concerts in the Zurich Opera. A typical Opera House. Not suitable for concerts … But what a surprise! The new Ignatius concert shell created optimal concert conditions. The musicians hear each other perfectly, and the sound is rich, warm, transparent and engaging. The shell is suitable for both small ensembles as well as the largest with choir and soloists. A miracle. The wonderful Ignatius soundboard!«

Mario Venzago 2014

Photo Concert shell: Monika Rittershaus