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»The first impression for me was amazing. I could hear the musicians much better and more clearly, the reverberation time was clearly reduced, the volume optimal.«
Stefan Sanderling, musical director of the State Theatre Mainz

Initial situation

Even though the new rehearsal room of the Philharmonic Orchestra was professionally calculated and designed, the musicians had problems hearing one another. The musicians also complained about the nearly unendurable volume especially when rehearsing with a large orchestra.

Test with Ignatius

For a first test with Ignatius 20 mobile Ignatius standing elements (1,60 m x 2,40 m)[5’3” x 7’9”] were positioned around the orchestra. The result was more than satisfying.»It is really remarkable, what these Resonators effect. After the first passages musical director Stefan Sanderling playfully said to the musicians: »Now I even can hear what you are thinking.«