1 Analysis

An analysis can be done during the planning stages of rooms and halls or also in already finished buildings. This includes viewing, on-the-site check, sound tests (measurements), evaluation of material and the room as well as developing a concept for the Ignatius installation.

2 Planning

Developing the concept for the Ignatius installation based on our analysis includes choosing suitable Ignatius products, making a cost calculation and setting up a time frame.

3 Test Installation


A great advantage of our technology is that we can demonstrate just what it can do with the help of a test installation in on-the-site practice situations. Half the cost of the test installation will be refunded upon purchase of Ignatius products.

4 Installation

We take you through every step of the process up to and including the successful installation. Whether one of our standard products is used or whether, for your special needs, a special new product must be developed at extra cost – we solve every acoustic problem. In the process, we are extremely flexible as to appearance and design.


Here you get an overview of the Ignatius product range

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Further Development

Especially where light weight and high stability are required, resonance oscillation occurs and this can be positively influenced through our technology. Therefore the Ignatius technology called Frequency Tuning (FT) is now also being successfully applied to sporting equipment such as skis and tennis racquets: www.fischer-ski.com